About Me

I am a Holistic Therapist, with over 20 years experience. I run my own business in Devizes. I offer a range of therapies, including Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Oncology Massage, Shiatsu Bodywork and Acupressure, Facial Rejuvenation and Thai (Yoga) Massage - see Treatments and Testimonials below.

You will receive an individually tailored treatment, with pressure applied to suit your needs. My extensive experience, broad range of techniques and tranquil therapy room (with beautiful countryside views), ensure that you receive a professional, highly effective and enjoyable treatment every time. A range of therapeutic aromatherapy blends are also available.  It is my aim to improve the general wellbeing of all my clients and I undertake a full consultation during your first appointment.  

I am Infection Control Qualified. 

Please contact me to book an appointment, or for more information.

Benefits of Holistic Therapies

The holistic therapies I provide, offer a wide range of benefits. Some of these health benefits have been reported in an increasing number of research studies. Many more physical and mental benefits have been experienced by those receiving treatments. Holistic therapies, particularly when received regularly as part of a general health and well-being regime, can be tailored by the practitioner to suit the needs of the client, thus maximising the mental and physical benefits available.

Physical Benefits can include - Reducing muscle stiffness, tension, pain and spasms ~ Improving healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments ~ Improving flexibility and posture ~ Relieving stress, anxiety, tension, headaches ~ Improving sleep ~ promoting faster healing post-injury/operation ~ Alleviating discomfort during pregnancy and childbirth ~ Improving the appearance (and feeling) of the skin ~ Improving circulation, the immune system, digestive system, lymph flow and reducing blood pressure ...

Mental Benefits can include - Improving feelings of health and well being ~ Improving alertness, increasing relaxation and calm thinking ~ Improving awareness of mind and body ~ Reducing feelings of stress and anxiety ...






Therapeutic Massage 

Thai (Yoga) Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Shiatsu Bodywork & Acupressure

Pregnancy Massage

Oncology Massage



Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Advanced Reflexology & Digestion

Reflexology for Menopause

Conception Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology

Oncology Reflexology


Natural Lift Facial Rejuvenation 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage





"You're a master in your trade.  Fantastic.  Thank you."

"Sarah's been a godsend.  Offering both conventional and Thai massage, her strength and expertise are stunning.  I always step out fixed, calm and somehow energised."

"I can't remember when I felt so relaxed, slept so deeply and woke up feeling reinvigorated and clear-headed.  You're amazing!"

"Thank you so much - it was really amazing and my shoulder continues to be so much better! So, enormous thanks for your skill and elbows!"   G.P.

"An amazing treatment - like a complete reboot! My work is highly demanding and consequently I am relentlessly busy; planning and problem solving. During your treatments, my mind is completely clear and free from the demands of work. The physical benefits - freeing my back, neck, and shoulders and the mental benefits last well beyond the hour on the couch. Many thanks. Fantastic!" 

"I can’t thank you enough Sarah for what you have done today.  I always come away from you feeling so much better but this is crazy.  Thank you!  I literally don’t think I have felt like this for over 20 years!”

"Amazing.  Life changing.  I have been plagued with tight and painful shoulders for over a year now and whatever you did gave me such relief.   Amazing, amazing, amazing."

"Sarah is a gifted holistic therapist with an innate ability to connect on an intuitive level.  During a treatment I fully trust Sarah to use her instinct in balancing the areas to work on as she can often read my body and energy flows better than I can!   I cannot recommend enough the cumulative benefit of regular treatments with Sarah in helping to maintain physical and mental well-being, balancing energy levels and boosting your immune system. I always feel thoroughly pampered and completely blissed out after a treatment." Reflexology, Facial Acupressure, Reiki.

"Having a Thai Yoga Massage with Sarah gives me the same feeling as having done 12 rounds of the Sun Postures!  I feel open, stretched and relaxed.  Wonderful."    Yoga Teacher

"Thank you for your amazing work.  She is right - you are the best there is.  You have a special gift indeed.  Priceless."

"I can't recommend Sarah's skills highly enough. After suffering from lock jaw for four weeks (a rather anxious time at home has meant I've been grinding my teeth at night) I almost didn't mention this issue when I came for my appointment. Thank goodness I did as Sarah has released the locked muscle completely and I'm now pain free. Her knowledge, multi-disciplinary skill set and professionalism really set her apart. Thank you Sarah for your fantastic healing hands."

"That was the most amazing massage I have ever had!!! THANK YOU!!! I feel awesome!!! She is soooooo talented!!!" - feedback from the recipient of a gift-voucher

"Best massage I have ever had. Wonderful therapist and great ambience." 

"After 15 or so years of having tight, knotted shoulders which lead to increasing headaches bordering on migraines I finally decided that enough was enough and I needed to do something to address the problem.  After only my second session with Sarah, she managed to release the knots in my neck and shoulders completely. Truly this has been a miracle for me. To have no tension in my shoulders, no discomfort in my neck, no headaches! I had forgotten what it felt like to not feel stiff and uncomfortable on a daily basis. Sarah is a wonderful practitioner, incredibly knowledgeable, caring and a total expert in knowing which muscles to target. She has the most comfortable couch you will ever encounter and for me her results are totally proven. I can't recommend her highly enough." 

"I have had dozens of massages before, but yours blows them all out of the water.  You have taken massage to a whole new level."

"I came to Sarah with an extremely acute skin problem, resulting from overactive adrenal glands. After your treatments my system calmed down significantly, resulting in a huge improvement in my skin condition. Your manner, treatment (Reflexology) and therapy environment had a very calming and settling effect on me."

"The Reflexology really helped. Massive reduction in hot flushes since treatment."

"I had a Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology with Sarah and both were wonderful. Sarah creates such a wonderful atmosphere for treatments and both were very enjoyable and beneficial. She is a consummate professional. I have had both before but these times with Sarah surpassed anything I have ever experienced before. My husband too has had a massage on my recommendation - and he can't wait for the next time! We both wholeheartedly agree that Sarah's manner, obvious expertise, skills and knowledge are unique - and she is a priceless jewel in the centre of Devizes." 

"From massage through facials and more recently reiki, my regular sessions with Sarah have helped me deal with life's little, and not so little, trials, by giving me an oasis of peace and calm. Thanks." 

"Sarah is warm and professional and makes you feel comfortable and at ease immediately. I have been to numerous massage therapists and spas over the years and never been fully satisfied by the treatment or service – until now. With Sarah your treatment is always her priority focus and you never ever feel rushed. I have suffered from back and shoulder pain for a long time and somehow, almost magically, Sarah manages to completely knead out all the knotty bits and tense areas and leaves me feeling lovely afterwards. I'm now a regular client and can highly recommend her." 

"I have had various treatments with holistic therapists in the past but none like Sarah! Her hands are magical! I find it really difficult to relax but after my first reflexology and facial massage I was totally relaxed and felt rejuvenated. My lower back, neck and shoulder problems were greatly relieved! I can't wait for my next session!"

"I had the most amazing pregnancy massage with Sarah yesterday! It was so relaxing and the whole experience was just brilliant. I would highly recommend a treatment at any stage of pregnancy.  It is hard to put into words just how amazing the massage is!" 

"I ran the London Marathon for the first time in 2012 and could not possibly have endured the training without the help of Sarah. Through regular sports massages with Sarah I dealt with tightening muscles and extreme stiffness at regular intervals. She had the ability to target the problem areas during each massage knowing where needed the most work and I felt eternally grateful to her for her expertise. So much so that I now consider her an essential part of my life!!!" 

"I have had a lot of massages over the years. I can honestly say Sarah outshines them all!  I have been suffering with my shoulders during previous weeks mainly due to my poor posture. I received a massage from Sarah this morning & she spent a good 40 minutes working on my shoulders. As a result I feel like a new woman! They no longer crunch & the tightness has disappeared. Sarah also advised me on where to put my shoulders for normal everyday life. Sarah is so dedicated to her work & clearly enjoys what she does. I would definitely recommend her. A 5 star plus treatment!" 

"Sarah is my medicine; she always makes me feel better! I am a bit of a worrier and I carry all my tension in my neck and shoulders. I know I can go to see Sarah and she will ease all the tension away. Her treatments are like that "going home" feeling ... you feel totally at ease, peaceful, safe - a sacred sanctuary. After my treatment I am radiating with happiness - an enormous sense of well-being and confidence. I feel better spiritually as well as physically - this benefits me and those around me! I then cope better with whatever is thrown at me. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah; she is kind, considerate, gentle, professional and puts all her energy into every treatment. She is brilliant. Thank you Sarah for helping me, more than you will ever know." 

"I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah when my little boy was 4 months old for a series of one on one baby massage lessons. Sarah immediately put me at ease and also had a lovely manner with my baby who spent the whole time grinning and cooing at her. The sessions were divided into three different classes, each focusing on how to massage a different part of your babies body with the eventual aim of putting all of the elements together for a relaxing part of the babies routine.  If you are looking for a lovely relaxing way to spend some quality time bonding with your baby then I can highly recommend Sarah's baby massage classes. Isaac really loves it still and it helps him settle after his bath as part of his bedtime routine."

"All of the treatments I have had have been amazing, my favourite would have to be the facial massage, so relaxing and enjoyable. I look forward to my next treatment as soon as I have booked it!"  

"Sarah was recommended to me by a neighbour and I have been having massage and reflexology with her for the past 6 months.  I have massage treatment to relieve stress and tension that builds up in my shoulder and lower back.  I find Sarah’s treatments extremely beneficial and my back is much better since I have been having treatment with her.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for a complimentary therapist."

"I honestly don’t think I appreciated the true benefits of massage until I had one from Sarah.  Utterly professional from start to finish, she is brilliant at putting you at ease, allowing you to totally relax and get the full benefit of the experience.  I have tried a variety of her treatments and I keep telling her that she has magic hands!   I cannot recommend her more highly."

“I totally complement Sarah on her excellent massage service, which I have now been having for well over two and a half years. From the very start I have felt huge benefits from her treatment and been very impressed by her knowledge, skill and professionalism. I have a lower back problem, which affects my hips and legs as well, and it needs managing. I do that through exercise including yoga, relaxation and massage. Sarah's techniques are the best I have ever experienced. At my first session she asked me various questions and listened intently to my replies, so that she understood aspects of my body that needed help. She always seeks feedback about how I feel, including how warm I need to be and what level of pressure I’m comfortable with and responds accordingly. She also gives me advice about other ways I can help myself.  The room she uses is very relaxing with appropriate warmth, light and a beautiful view. The equipment is great quality and extremely comfortable.  As well as the relief the massage gives to my physical discomfort, I always thoroughly enjoy the immense relaxation I get from the session, which begins as soon as I lay down and hear the gentle background music. So it is beneficial to my mental health as well, an ‘oasis of calm’ that is helped by her assurance that she never needs to inflict any pain in order to improve my physical problems!  I thoroughly recommend Sarah's as the best therapeutic massage service I have come across.” 

 Special Offers

o Initial 15 minute consultation at no extra

o Gift vouchers available

Recommendations / Links

Yoga teacher, Jane Wilcox offering
   wonderfully gentle and therapeutic classes:

Zumba instructor, Mary Bentley-Barnes 
   offering fun, high-energy, zumba fitness classes

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